Who we are

Established in 1998, Prime Point Contracting, inc. has always been committed to doing what we say, when we say, as promised, on or ahead of schedule and always with the greatest value and your budget in mind. We make it a priority at Prime Point Contracting, inc. to carefully draw out everything ahead of
time by providing a detailed preliminary, intermediate, and final estimates to assure you that your project will never fall out of its initial scope.


What we do

Over our 15 years of experience, our team has gained a lot of knowledge in a lot of different areas that are necessary within any large infrastructural project involving both construction and Renovations:

  • Electrical Services
  • HVAC & Elevator Shafts
  • Plumbing
  • Concrete & Asphalt
  • Site & Architectural plans
  • Excavation & Demolition
We listen to your needs, design it to your specification, and build it to your dreams!

What we're all about

Our company has seen it all, and we believe that it safe to say that we have earned our stripes through an unprecedented record of optimized results and a recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for our clients.